Pennsylvania’s music makers, Lisa Bodnar and Whistlegrass, are embarking on a two-year, state-wide celebration for community outreach to help the people, places, and programs that need it the most. Uniting with non-profit organizations through their shared philosophy of altruism, they will provide one-of-a-kind concert events in every county in the commonwealth during 2023/24.

As these musical ambassadors support organizations through this unique model of in-kind support, they will strive to form lasting, positive impressions with the people of these communities. In this way, they will energize the vital mission of the organizations to improve the quality of life–organically and at grassroots level–of every county in our commonwealth. 

67 events will be held in unique, memorable, man-made, and natural venues in the state. Each tour stop will include a concert and festivities to benefit the celebrated organizations and recognize the people of those counties and their dedicated community spirit.

“What a sweet voice we have here. With such delicious singing Lisa Bodnar could be singing about a natural disaster, and we’d still be swooning at her feet.” (Adam Harrington – Whisperin and Hollerin)

Touched by the tremendous generosity shown by many community groups after Hurricane Ivan destroyed Lisa’s Delaware River home, she was inspired to contact non-profit organizations and offer her time and talent to give back. 

Over the years, Lisa and her musical group have helped many organizations–including the American Legion, the ALS Association, the American Lung Association, Northeastern Pennsylvania Transplant Support Group, Safe Harbor of Easton, Shine-Chester County Hospital, and others–to create positive, memorable events that have been remembered for years.